This month we invite you to create your JOY Palette! 
We are focusing our creative energies on all the things that bring us joy--you may discover some new sources of JOY! Read below for instructions about how to create as much JOY as possible!

I have created a 3-part Video Program to expand upon the POWER of your 31 Days of Joy entitled: 
In this video series, enjoy three short, but packed, videos in which we get to REMEMBER how powerful your thoughts & words truly are.

Because, here is the thing…
LIFE is intense, right?
LIFE is complicated, right?
LIFE is scary right now, right?

So now is the time to learn how to bypass all the overwhelm, fear, confusion, and worry...through creating coherence in your thoughts.

Through my teaching and the gorgeous landscape, you will be given new tools that you can use INSTANTLY to begin to create clarity, confidence, and COHERENCE within you and all around you!
Then, when you go back to create more JOY for your “Joy Palette,” you will understand how vitally important this is for you and OUR WORLD right now!
Get instant access to the videos and instructions for how to participate in My Joy Palette right away.

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